The Editors' Choice Hall of Fame - Electra Petro Zillia Bike

How amazing?!

Years ago when I designed this bike with Electra Bike Company, I really didn't expect it to one day get the highest honors in the bike industry, I just wanted to design a super cool looking bike that would be fun to ride and cherish...

Check out the link for the mention about the bikes chosen for the Hall of Fame:


this is what they wrote about my bike:
"No bike was more in love with being a bike than Electra's $500 Petro Zillia cruiser in our 2006 test. Bathed in rainbows, hearts, and flowers, and accessorized with pom-poms, ribbons, and a wicker basket, this bike brought smiles to our faces even when parked. It rode well, too, gliding along elegantly, and was also surprisingly practical. But, more than anything, this bike was unrepentant fun. "'I must admit to an odd fascination with the Petro Zillia," said one editor. "Perhaps it's akin to my fascination with man-sized thigh-highs and the works of John Waters, but this bike rocks," proclaimed another. Whenever we gather for Editors' Choice and someone mentions the Zillia, all those who rode it break out in big grins and exclamations of joy. For pure happiness-per-mile and satisfaction-per-dollar, no bike has even come close to equaling this splendid cruiser. "

WOW! Thanks so much for all the love!!!

Thanks to everyone who was involved with honoring my bike design and enjoying the ride! and of course huge thanks to all those who helped me put this bike design together :)



Ke$ha rocking Michina Koide's Petro Zillia nails on the Today Show

Last week Uber cool pop star Ke$ha appeared on the Today show not only looking fabulous but rocking Petro Zillia's for Minx nails with a touch of Michina Koide's bling!
Ke$ha loved her minx nails so much she posted a picture...

Check out a few clips of Ke$ha's Today's show performance below
So cool right?
thought you'd wanna know ;)


Heidi Klum's "Look of the day"

 Heidi Klum recently featured one of our favorite Petro Zillia pieces on her blog. The black and white tunic top was choosen for the "Look of the day" segment featured in www.heidiklum.aol.com
How amazing is that?!

This fabulous top comes in different colors and styles to choose from, I personally wear them to death...

 You might wanna get one of your own at www.Shoppetrozillia.com



Sequins and glitz Jack-O'-Lantern

Halloween is just around the corner and carving pumpkins is a big tradition...
 but I thought i might as well take it to the next level and create a fashion inspired Jack-O'-Latern, and guess what this one was feautured in Refinery29's blog "10 Badass Jack-O'-Lanterns Courtesy Of L.A.'s Coolest Cats!"

Photographed by Hailley Howard

I hope you likey


Petro Zillia for Minx

When I first met Michina I was beyond impressed with her work and so when she married my brother and became my family I was super excited and proud.
When Michina called me recently and ask me to collaborate with her for Minx nails, I was thrilled!
The result was inspired by my love for rainbows and vibrant colors.
Check out Michina's website, take a look at her spectacular work.
You can purchase Michina's and Petro Zillia's Minx nails at http://www.minxtastingroom.com/
Nony :)


Petro Zillia featured in Mathieu Bitton photoshoot

Amaaazing, right??!
I went to Church boutique last week and Rodney showed me this amazing picture, I was blown away when I saw this incredible shot.
It was shot by Grammy Award nominated art director and photographer Mathieu Bitton.
Thanks Mathieu - Love it!
Here's a closer look of the details.

Nony :)


A while back my good friend and brilliant photographer Giuliano Bekor took these amazing pictures for Petro Zillia, I came across these pictures and thought I should share them with all you lovers!

If you want to check out more of Giuliano's incredible work check out his website
Nony :)