FNO Sep 10th - Here's the scoop...

Its all coming together and we are super-extra-excited!!!

Kyle Richards is going to host the evening at our store, you know Kyle, she's THE Housewife of Beverly Hills!!! Make sure to watch her on the season premiere on Oct 14th, you're gonna sooooo fall in love with her fabulousity!!!

And if that wasn't enough, Report Signature will be having a trunk show at our store!!! We will actually have a bazillion (OK, maybe just a few hundreds) of FABULOUS shoes flown in for the event - oh, we can NOT wait!!! Its gonna be FNO heaven!!!

Oh, and did we mention that most of our designer friends will stop by for a little mix & mingle with customers?

SO plan it well!!! Friday September 10th 6:00pm to 10:00pm - You need to be celebrating fashion with us at House of Petro Zillia.....


The Petro Zillia Girlies

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