Blythe and Petro Zillia, a dynamic duo!!!

LOOK! Up in the sky! It's a bird !...It's a plane! ...it's our fearless leader Nony's contribution to the 9th Anniversary Blythe Charity Exhibition! With her gold bamboo earrings, hot pink boa, and multi-colored thigh-highs, she's ready to take on the challenge of ridding the world of the mundane an dreary! Bad times will get zapped, by her flower shooting ray gun! She's gonna bring you fun, laughter, and good times! Spreading her love of colors,rainbows ,an Unicorns, wherever she goes!

Pick up this copy of Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration, to check out all the amazing contributions from designers, artist, an musicians, from indie to the world famous!!! Every page is inspirational,an representative of the style an vibe of it's contributer!

We're so proud of our girl,as she stands in great company,amongst contributions from Nanette Lepore, tokidoki, Charlotte Ronson, and Hello Kitty designer,Yuko Yamaguchi !!! You know you still love Miss Kitty!

The dolls will be exhibited , an once their tour of Japan and Asia ends, they will be autioned for charity the following year. 100% of the proceeds go straight to charity,with no deductions for expenses!

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