The one and only Chelsea Handler, need I say more?

Well… Not only do I go to sleep (almost) every night watching Chelsea Lately, I very often bitch about what Chelsea Handler is wearing and wonder who styled her (and yes, I do tweet about it occasionally)…

I guess I have to eat my words now!
As it seems that not only her home page on her web site, but also her entire book tour is plastered with Chelsea wearing one of my favorite PETRO ZILLIA dresses which I designed some time ago.

I don’t know how she got it, or who dressed her but she looks absolutely FABULOUS! And I’m not just saying it cuz it’s my dress, I really mean it!

Of course looking at her site, I couldn't help reading the chapter her sister wrote, omg!!! HIL-E-RI-OUS I can’t wait to get my hands on her book and read it from cover to cover!

If you wanna give it a read, here is the link:

All I can say is, Chelsea, you go girl! I am your fan forever...

Nony :)


Fashion Time Travel

As I was looking through my favorite treasure, I thought that maybe this time - I should share...

Cuz don't you just think that these pieces could totally time travel?

Cuz don't you just wanna have them all in your closet RIGHT NOW?

I mean... maybe I would change the hair and makeup a bit, oh yeah, and definitely the shoes! and the attitude...

But this is all from Vogue Pattern Book June-July 1957...

Amazing, right? I always feel I'm Time traveling as I venture through my Vintage Fashion magazines...

I hope you likey too :)