Introducing the Lovely Carla Collins

I really hate to toot our horn(not really ha!),but we have some of the raddest customers! Case in point, Carla Collins! A beautiful ,talented, Marilyn-esq comedian, that we are lucky enough to have as a regular customer! She's so awesome,when she walks into the room, the "rad-ometer" jumps to 10!!!

She has a book out, Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags. It's about the angels that look out for us, as we make our way into the world..the vampires that bleed us,metaphorically..and the d-bags..no explanation needed! Haha! A must read! Get on that!

We're not the only ones in the know, either! One of her biggest fans (besides us) painted an amazing portrait of her! Canadian artist Celeste Keller,truly captured the essence an beauty of Carla! And the background looks suspiciously familiar! lol Yup,it's our store! Tooting our horn again! Beep! Beep! You can peep more about Celeste at http://www.celestekeller.com/ !

If you don't know about Carla Collins, get to knowing ! Check her out at http://www.carlacollins.com/


Surprise Visit!!!

Just when we thought our Monday couldn't get anymore amazing....beautiful weather..gorgeous fashion everywhere we looked...the Gods of Rad smiled down upon us!

Our back door opens,an in walks Paris Hilton!!! And her sweet little puppy, Mugsy,sportin his Gucci harness! She power shopped,as only she can,unphased by the paparazzi all clamoring to get a shot of her! Can't say I blame them,her outfit was beyond beyond! She couldn't have been sweeter,as she shopped the store.

On the way out, baby Mugsy needed to go potty before his ride home,but refused while the paparazzi where watchin' ! What a sweet lil bunny,your mama raised you right!

By far,one of our faves!! Thank you, Gods of Rad...and Thank you,Paris!!!


The Petro Zillia Girlies



Hey guys, Guess what?

We have marked down our website prices to match our fabulous sale prices at our store!!!
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Here are some of our fave finds on sale!

This necklace is ADORABLE! It is now HALF OFF! too cute!

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HOW CUTE!!!! and guess what... HALF OFF!
You could dress this stunning necklace up or down, I mean PERFECT for your new statement necklace! Such a fashion do!
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Happy shopping!
xoxo, the Petro Zillia Girlies
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Kristin Cavallari wears Petro Zillia on the cover of Maniac Magazine

We are so excited!!

Kristen Cavallari from The Hills, one of our favorite fashionistas, wore Petro Zillia on the cover of Maniac Magazine!!!!

She looks Fab!!!!! =]

Doesnt it look ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!!

Check out http://style.mtv.com/2010/08/17/kristin-cavallari-fashion-maniac-magazine/ to get the scoop on the shoot! =]

You can dress like Kristen by stopping by our online shopping website http://www.shoppetrozillia.com/index.php/

xoxo, The Petro Zillia Girlies

Thanks to our friends at Noir Jewelry!!!

Thanks you so much Noir Jewelry blog for their post about us!!
That was sooo sweet!! <3

Visit their blog at http://blog.noirjewelry.com/

We are obsessed with these peices from the noir jewelry line!!!:

Speaking of obsessed- Nony, the always fashionable designer of Petro Zillia, wears this knife from Noir Jewelry everyday!!!!! =]
xoxo, the Petro Zillia Girlies


Briana Evigan wears Petro Zillia to Step Up 3-D premiere!

Love what she's wearing? You can buy it at shoppetrozillia.com!
She is wearing the Report Signature Toluca shoes which you can buy at: http://www.shoppetrozillia.com/index.php/accessories/shoes/report-signature-toluca-open-toe-mesh-pumps.html
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New online website!

We just launched our new online shopping website! Make sure to visit shoppetrozillia.com!