Juliette Lewis is the Homey!

Please run out and grab this mag...an ignore the fact, they printed one page twice, an called it a day! haha! We're all burning the candle at both ends, coulda happened to the best of us. Hopefully, they'll reprint with the rest of the story, cause we loves Juliette! An if they wanna mention, that's a Petrozillian dress, we wouldn't be mad at that either! ;)

This is definitely one of those moments, that makes all our hard work worthwhile! One of our all time faves is reppin US(as in the store, not the country ha!) !!! She's sportin an original from the genius mind of our fearless leader,Nony! (woot!) Only one made in this color!

The dress looks like it was made for our fave blue haired rebel, who killed it(no pun) in Natural Born Killers, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Kalifornia, an Whip It! I mean, not a stinker in the bunch! If you haven't seen at least THESE, I don't know if we can be friends! Ha! Just kiddin...not really ;)

Right now she's promoting her new solo album, Terra Incognita.....not gonna lie, I can't wait to hear it! And she's got a couple movies comin out! One is, Due Date, from the same director as The Hangover! I'm allll over that one! Our girl's a lotta things,but borin aint one of em! Juliette Lewis is our generation's baddest bad ass, an we love her !


Michina Koide Just Blew My Mind!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention, lemme tell you about some awesomeness, I just became privy to! Our fearless leader, Nony Tochterman, has an extremely talented sister-in-law! Michina Koide is a make-up and nail artist to the stars, yall! I'm dying! I cyber-stalked her, and found tons of great pics of my faves!

Lady Gaga, Ri Ri (or Rianna, for those not in the know) , Cameron D, Liv Tyler, Amy Adams.... I mean, she's worked with the best of the best! Sadly I can't post as many pics as I'd like, but you can see the magic for yourself here!

Michina is not only an amazing make-up artist, she's creates thee most beautiful art pieces on fingernails! When GaGa or Alicia Keys need to get their nails did, you better know they call Michina!

I can't even handle how fierce those feather nails are!!! Nail Masterpieces, is what she's giving us! She specializes in the Minx Treatment, and creates some of the sickest designs evs! There's so many more designs on her site! Yall will have to excuse me, I'm so fanning out right now!!!

Check out her blog, it's in Japanese, but it's sooooo cute!
http://ameblo.jp/michinanikka/ Short and sweet, I'm running out to get my nails done! I just located a salon that does Minx! Later, skaters! http://www.minxnails.com/cylantscart/index.php?p=catalog&mode=catalog&parent=10&mid=0&search_in=all&search_str=&pg=10


Our Favorite PetroZillian stopped by to say Hello...

And we don't mean Allison Melnick, we're talking about KING MELNICK himself!!!
We looooved that he stopped by to show us his new ride...

And he was so relaxed and wanted to check out all our new arrivals...

His attention to detail is amazing and we approved of how he accessorized his wheels...

And totally appreciated him waiving goodbye when he was ready to leave...
Come visit us again soon King! we love you!!!
The Petro Zillia Girlies


Hollywire Meets Petro Zillia!!!

Remember when Chelsea Briggs, of Hollywire fame, interviewed our fearless leader Nony Tochterman? Remember we promised we'd let you know when the interview went up? Well, we always keep our promises! Here it is! Enjoy!!! :) http://hollywire.com/2010/09/house-petro-zillia-celebrity-fashion-its-best

Report Signature Bringin the Heat This Spring!!!

Just wanted to share a little inside 411,with all our faithful Petro Zillians! We are expecting the most blazing hot shoes from Signature Report, for spring!

You name it,it's comin! Flashy metallics,for those fancy nights out on the town! Sweet ballet flats, for that romantic lunch date! Warm neutrals to pair with any an everything,in your closet! Sexy jeweled heels for when you're feelin sassy....like I said, it's all comin! We're gonna take such good care of you, this spring!


Fashion Night Out!!!

October 10th was a special night,in Los Angeles. Fashion Night Out was put together by our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,to show love and support for our local retail stores and the designers that support us! A night of glamour, fashion, and fun!!! What better place,than Los Angeles!All over the city, stores were asked to represent, for our fair city!

When we were called upon,we not only answered, we answered the hell out of it! We planned the event to end all events (Until our next one! We're awesome like that!lol) You name it, it went down!!You like yummy snacks? We had an amazing caterer filling your tummy with all kinds of delectable! You like to sip on a friendly cocktail,while you mingle amongst celebrities? (I'll get to them,in a moment!) We had a cutee bartender servin em up,all night long!

So you were locked an loaded to work the room with the likes of Mayor Villaraigosa and his daughter Natalia! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Taylor Armstrong were on deck! A handful of our favorite designers were representin, like Fernanda Carneiro, Emily Harteau and Michelle Chaplin of Smoke and Mirrors, and Michelle Monroe! Mena Suvari made an appearance, as did Samaire Armstrong and Kendra Krull, of Radio Attractive! And we were lucky enough to have the lovely an talented Constance Zimmer party down with us,until the wee hours!

I know what you're thinkin...there's somethin missing...But don't you worry,we covered all our bases! We had a magical trunk show for Report Signature shoes! SOoooo yummy! It was a perfect evening, and rumour has it (not really,it was in print, so it makes it true!) we made it into one of the Top 14 parties in the city! Toot! TooT!


Awesome A.M. with Hollywire!!!

Ok, we let this one marinate for a bit,due to the delectable juiciness of it! I mean, you don't rush thru a great meal, do you! No, you savor and enjoy it! Now that we're done licking our chops, and are quite pleased with ourselves, we're ready to share! The main course, our very own Nony was interviewed by Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs!

Chelsea and Sarah arrived at House of Petro Zillia, ready to get the skinny on what to expect for the upcoming Fall season, trends going forward, trends that are played out, the must haves, and shouldn't haves! No spoilers here, sit tight, the interview will be up soon! Trust, it's worth the wait, Nony would never steer you wrong!

After the fashionable beauties finished with their girl talk, it was time to get real REAL serious! You know what that means, ladies! It was time to try on some clothes. Or as we like to call em,wearable art! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING looks great on Chelsea! She's a designer's dream!

To get the scoop, real deal Holyfield style, check out the interview at www.hollywire.com. Should be up,an awesome,some time next week! We'll keep you posted!

xx The Petro Zillia Girlies


FNO Sep 10th - Here's the scoop...

Its all coming together and we are super-extra-excited!!!

Kyle Richards is going to host the evening at our store, you know Kyle, she's THE Housewife of Beverly Hills!!! Make sure to watch her on the season premiere on Oct 14th, you're gonna sooooo fall in love with her fabulousity!!!

And if that wasn't enough, Report Signature will be having a trunk show at our store!!! We will actually have a bazillion (OK, maybe just a few hundreds) of FABULOUS shoes flown in for the event - oh, we can NOT wait!!! Its gonna be FNO heaven!!!

Oh, and did we mention that most of our designer friends will stop by for a little mix & mingle with customers?

SO plan it well!!! Friday September 10th 6:00pm to 10:00pm - You need to be celebrating fashion with us at House of Petro Zillia.....


The Petro Zillia Girlies