For The Love of the LBD!

Right now, all us girls have one thing on our minds. "What the heck am I wearing for New Year's Eve???" I've been hearing and agreeing, the little black dress is a necessary weapon, in your fashion arsenal. With just the right dress, you can literally render someone SPEECHLESS! (In that good way! lol) So, I got to wonderin, when did the idea of the " little black dress" begin, cause it's kinda genius! I started googlin', an low and behold, the concept of the perfect little black dress started with Coco Chanel! Why am I not surprised! ha! In 1926, she gave us a pic of a short,simple black dress, inside American Vogue..an we've never been the same!

" A sort of uniform for all women of taste" - Vogue Magazine

In the 1950's, Dior made it the symbol of a women to be reckoned with! The femme fatales, of Hollywood's Golden Era, were often portrayed in black halter style dresses. If you're a classic movie nerd, like myself, you know these women were definitely not the weaker sex! Any man in the vicinity, turned to putty in their hands! Frankly, not a power I would find bothersome.

The 60's, introduced the "LBD" in new clean and simpler lines. Think Givenchy's design on Audrey Hepburn, in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" If you haven't seen that movie ,it's a definite fashion must see! So is, Sabrina...and funny face! ..but, I'm getting off topic :)

Here is where my personal style resides, the 90's LBD look. Fitted, short dress, button down or granpa sweater over, with beat up,worn boots! Aaaahhh! This is my uniform! I know, it's from the 90's, but that's the beauty of the perfect little black dress! It's never OUT of fashion! You personalize it, an make it your own with various accessories! It can take you virtually any and everywhere! Trust me, I trade the combat boots for heels, when I'm out with mom! lol

This sweet number above, is Petro Zillia's contribution to the history of the little black dress. I know what you're thinking, "How many places can I wear this to? It's kinda fancy". Well, I would throw this on, with a beanie,cardigan an boots, for a day out with my girlfriends! A blk beret,glasses,an flat boots with tights, for a study date at the library...with a blazer or wrap,and open-toe ankle booties for an event (I know,I have a boot problem :/ that's a whole 'nother blog! lol)

Remember, you're a Petro Zillian! You're fearless, and you define your personal style! Not the other way around. Definitely know, when we present you with an outfit, it's only a suggestion...or a kind of starter kit. Nothing would make us prouder, than to see you pair things with a pair of bright shoes, for no other reason, than it's your fave color! ...Wear fancy dangly earrings to the grocery store, cause where ever you are, is thee place to be!

" When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it's place" - Duchess of Windsor,Wallis Warfield Simpson.


Friends Forever!

Kismet-n. fate; destiny. That's the only way to describe the relationship between long-time friends Nony (our fearless leader) and Yana Syrkin! I mean, when you meet someone who has pink hair(just like you), drives the same make,model, an color car as you, AND has the same birthday...well, that is the universe telling you something! An if I may give you a piece of advise, when the universe speaks, it's for a reason! LISTEN! They listened, and have enjoyed a friendship, spanning over 10yrs!

They also have in common, great boutiques,and a love of design, that is both colorful, fun,and full of personality! Yana's boutique, Fifi and Romeo, carries the absolute cutest designs for your 4-legged little one! Argyle sweaters for your preppy puppy, headbands for your princess,an pom pom hoodies that are perfect for a spring walk! I even saw a couple sweaters ,with anchors on them, that would be perfect for my 2 lil pirate pooches! Check out her facebook, for the store, an prepare to melt over the designs an ridiculously cute doggy models! http://www.facebook.com/fifiandromeo

Destiny- a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power.


Is There Such a Thing, as Too Much Fun???

This is the question, I've been pondering on this gorgeous saturday morning. I'm sitting at work, EXHAUSTED from our 3rd st Holiday Block Party! Did I mention, it was on thursday? Hahaha! Is there such a thing as too much fun? Is there a point when you should "tap out", so to speak? Not at all one of my strengths! I'm more a 'Ride it, till the wheels fall off', kinda girl. A Petro Zillia girl, if you will. Let me take you thru the evening, an you let me know if there was a window, where I coulda said enuffs ze nuff! lol

First of all, we started out making the cutest little holiday displays. Nony gives me a huge box of tulle and ribbon, in various bright colors an prints, an different shaped boxes (including the sweetest lil heart shaped ones! I die!) My objective, create bright, fun PZ vibe gift boxes! Now, let me explain something about myself. I'm an arts an crafts kid, at heart! You hand me some twigs, a couple strands of ribbon,an a pack of chewing gum...I'll hand you back a musical mobile,with birds floating on it! And I'm a Xmas geek! Love the holidays! Basically, I'm all over this task!

Then, THE FOOD TRUCKS ARRIVED!!!!!! I'm a foodie! I love to eat,an I never miss a meal! When we got cofirmations from The White Rabbit Truck, The Boba Truck, and the BarbiesQ truck, I immediately googled them to check out their menus! Planning is crucial, I need to taste everything! I started out with the beefsteak and garlic rice bowl from The White Rabbit Truck...I inhaled it! So good! Then, I tried my first boba drink ever! Now, I understand why eveyone loves them. It's like a liquid hug! Then, I rounded it out with the sampler from the BarbiesQ truck. The most crazy delicious barbq evs!!!! Don't even think about sayin, I coulda let the food truck fun slide! I'm not hearin it! Ha!

I couldn't have been in better company, with Nony( my amazing boss), Basil and Suggie( our rad interns). Even Nony's mom, one of my favorite people on the planet, was on board for good times! As the night progressed, the store filled with our awesome customers and friends, an we enjoyed a night filled with music, shopping, snacking on cupcakes from Sweet E's Bake Shop, an SANTA!!!! Yes,I gave you all that for Santa! You love Bieber, I love Santa! That dude can make Christmas happen all over the globe,in a night! I meeean!!! So you can fully grasp how fun the night was, we stayed open an extra 2 hrs! I wasn't gonna miss any of that action either!

So, all in all, it was 12hrs of back to back holiday fun-ness!!! I really don't see any moment, I could have done without! I'm exhausted, but my smile goes from ear to ear! My body is just gonna have to try an keep up with my spirit, that just wants to have all the fun, while there's fun to be had! It's the life of a Petro Zillia girl....


Look Who Went to the AMA's!!!!

The lovely host Michelle Marie, of VEVO, arrived at the AMA's to interview the music industry's elite! And guess who she brought along, as her plus 1! US!!! Well, our PZ Fairy Princess Dress.....close enough! lol She looked absolutely regal, in our royal purple confection, as she effortlessly interviewed the likes of Brad Paisley, Christina Milian, Jessica Alba, an Taio Cruz! I woulda been sweaty palms,and stutter city! Well done, Michelle! If you ever need a plus 1 for another star studded event, we're available! (no pressure lol)



Inspiration for your soul...

Often I'm being asked what's my inspiration when i design...

I always say "LIFE", it could mean a movie, a trip, my kids, my friends, my customers, music or anything else that life throws my way...

Well, I thought i should share some of my favorite music...

Each and every one of these songs deserve their own blog post, but really, I don't have enough time in the day nor do i write well enough to to bore you with ALL that goes through my mind...

So here it is, i hope you enjoy as much as i do!


Nony :)
(or PinkNony as some of you call me)

Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yn0PISCGpg

Likke Lee - get some http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TTPGAy5H_E

Minus the Bear - My Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAoVj0-bZkI

Epick feat. Elle King "I Don't Mind" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31-LldZ_jfQRobyn -

Konichiwa Bitches -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O_aa0QSZ1A&feature=relatedYosi

Drorisia soon well be found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1x8DMfbYN4&feature=artistob&playnext=1&list=TLrp8LLr2CTxI

The Black Keys - Tighten Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpaPBCBjSVc

Zaz, la toy session : je veux http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ9zeDd0mpg

Aeroplane - Superstar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSGlwlVjKSg


Introducing: Story Melbourne Sunglasses and Earrings

The House of Petro Zillia has always been a purveyor of young, hip, up and coming L.A. designers and brands. This month, another highly-anticipated line is joining the family. And it’s not just your average sunglasses and earrings, that you can find any ol' where! Story Melbourne line of sunglasses and earrings is here to capture that artistic bohemian side in you! Conceptualized and developed by fashion designer/stylist, Story Afton, this accessories line will definitely titillate your whimsical/urban street cravings!

Simply put, a pair of hand painted abstract sunglasses with chain details will make any wearer stand out amidst all the conformity on the streets. Pair it with the line’s long strands of whimsical/industrial earrings, and we’re sure that you’ll be able create a look that is entirely your own!

So come on by, an let's us bring out your inner Ziggy Stardust! If you give us enough notice, we'll have the glitter boots ready! :)


Imogen Bailey, Perfect Example of a Fearless Petro Zillia Girl!

We just discovered that one of our favorite customers, Imogen Bailey, is even RADDER than we knew! She's not only one of the nicest people you will ever come across, but she's also very active with Peta, in it's fight to protect the lives of exploited animals. When she came in an purchased this Karen Zambos stunner, we had no idea it would make an appearance at Peta's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards!

At the Peta Event, hosted by Alec Baldwin, she rubbed shoulders with fellow celeb activists such as Pamela Anderson, Kelly Osbourne, IGGY POP(sorry,I had to nerd out,for a sec), and Sophia Bush. The list goes on and on. Joaquin Phoenix...Dave Navarro..see, it seriously does!!

Not only is she a beauty, but she also has a heart of gold. In the past 5 years, she has done 3 Peta campaigns, as well as an ad asking the Queen of England to use faux fur, on the caps of her Household Guards! hahaha!! Gotta love it!!

Imogen, we think you are RAD, an find you truly inspiring! Thank you for being your amazing self!!! xx


We spied, with our sweet little eyes, Angela Simmons wearing a Petro Zillia original design! She looks gorgeous as she poses alongside Vanessa Simmons, and Khloe Kardashian!

This stunner design was worn to singer Monica's 30th bday,benefitting The Pink Purpose and Still Standing Foundation. It was celeb filled, with the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Kathy Griffin, Leona Lewis, and Raven Simone!


We Love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Ok, I don't know about you, but we can't get enough of "The Real Housewives". We've watched the O.C. wives, Atlanta, New York, and New Jersey...now it's time for the wives of 90210 to strut their stuff! With loveliness like Kyle Richards, Kim Richards,Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump,Camille Grammar, and Adrienne Malouf...this will definitely be the season to watch!!!

We can't wait to glimpse the glamorous lifestyles of these beauties, not very far from our front door! We are fortunate enough to be able to call Kyle, not only a client, but one of our faves! And let me tell you ,she's as sweet as she is beautiful! A real class act!

As you watch, this season, keep a look out for cutee pieces, from our very own store! Kyle makes our job almost too easy, EVERYTHING looks great on her!

The show airs tonight, on Bravo at 10pm! That means, we will be glued to our televisions, with cell phones turned OFF! If you need us, you're gonna have to wait that hour, while we get our fix of fun, glamour, and please oh please, let there be tons of shopping!

We love you guys, and we wish you the most amazing season ever!


House of Petro Zillia did it AGAIN!!!

Hey Petro Zillians! We just wanted to share some amazingness with you! Dirty Glam Magazine showed us some love, by putting our dress on a gorgeous model , in the same article as the likes of Alexander Mcqueen and Vivienne Westwood! Blushing!

This sweet little number is a House of Petro Zillia Original . Lots of love went into the construction of this hand-cut an sewn leather dress! We also have a chic high-waisted shorts version, for you sassy girls that wanna show a little leg! http://www.shoppetrozillia.com/index.php/new/petro-zillia-gray-leather-scales-hot-shorts.html

I love how it's paired with a neon lace tee. We encourage fun,creativity, and COLOR! Make every outfit a masterpiece, and uniquely your own!

This look just makes me grin like a cheshire cat! Love the head to toe regalness, of this ruffled dress! Golden afro-puff, bamboo earrings, bangles, and heels! Don't be afraid to bling it out, ladies. She's fun, confident, and sexy! The true definition of a Petro Zillia Girl!

You may have seen this next beauty in GQ Mexico, OK Magazine, or Elle Mexico. More a movie person? She was also in, The Eye(with Jessica Alba) and Drag Me To Hell. Mexican actress/model/singer, Fernanda Romero embodied every ounce a Petro Zillian, in a photo shoot she did for HOLA! Magazine. She posed in our floor length lemon confection, alongside her handsome hubby, Kent Ross....and he doesn't look too bummed about it. haha! She looks like a golden goddess!


Blythe and Petro Zillia, a dynamic duo!!!

LOOK! Up in the sky! It's a bird !...It's a plane! ...it's our fearless leader Nony's contribution to the 9th Anniversary Blythe Charity Exhibition! With her gold bamboo earrings, hot pink boa, and multi-colored thigh-highs, she's ready to take on the challenge of ridding the world of the mundane an dreary! Bad times will get zapped, by her flower shooting ray gun! She's gonna bring you fun, laughter, and good times! Spreading her love of colors,rainbows ,an Unicorns, wherever she goes!

Pick up this copy of Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration, to check out all the amazing contributions from designers, artist, an musicians, from indie to the world famous!!! Every page is inspirational,an representative of the style an vibe of it's contributer!

We're so proud of our girl,as she stands in great company,amongst contributions from Nanette Lepore, tokidoki, Charlotte Ronson, and Hello Kitty designer,Yuko Yamaguchi !!! You know you still love Miss Kitty!

The dolls will be exhibited , an once their tour of Japan and Asia ends, they will be autioned for charity the following year. 100% of the proceeds go straight to charity,with no deductions for expenses!


We Love You, Smoke and Mirrors !!!

Oct. 1st,2010, will always be a special day in my fashionista heart. It's the day,designers Emily Harteau and Michelle Chaplin blew our minds! Just when we thought Smoke and Mirrors couldn't possibly get any cuter, well ...they showed us another thing or two!

Combining amazing bodies, great fabrics, and ridiculously cute prints! These harem pants are ev-er-y-thing! Definitely a must have, for this fall!

This is so yummy cozy,it's redic! AND, it's sexy! All the necessary ingredients, for the perfect outfit. And all the pieces will look great, when it gets colder, with tights an cute booties! Throw on your favorite cardigan or leather jacket to really complete the look. Va-voom!!!

Smoke and Mirrors, definitely remember fashion is also suppose to be FUN! So many cute options,not enough places to go...gonna start crashing parties,just to debut these great pieces! What are you doin, this weekend? hahaha but,seriously :)

With all that said,kiddies...come get your cuteness!


Juliette Lewis is the Homey!

Please run out and grab this mag...an ignore the fact, they printed one page twice, an called it a day! haha! We're all burning the candle at both ends, coulda happened to the best of us. Hopefully, they'll reprint with the rest of the story, cause we loves Juliette! An if they wanna mention, that's a Petrozillian dress, we wouldn't be mad at that either! ;)

This is definitely one of those moments, that makes all our hard work worthwhile! One of our all time faves is reppin US(as in the store, not the country ha!) !!! She's sportin an original from the genius mind of our fearless leader,Nony! (woot!) Only one made in this color!

The dress looks like it was made for our fave blue haired rebel, who killed it(no pun) in Natural Born Killers, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Kalifornia, an Whip It! I mean, not a stinker in the bunch! If you haven't seen at least THESE, I don't know if we can be friends! Ha! Just kiddin...not really ;)

Right now she's promoting her new solo album, Terra Incognita.....not gonna lie, I can't wait to hear it! And she's got a couple movies comin out! One is, Due Date, from the same director as The Hangover! I'm allll over that one! Our girl's a lotta things,but borin aint one of em! Juliette Lewis is our generation's baddest bad ass, an we love her !


Michina Koide Just Blew My Mind!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention, lemme tell you about some awesomeness, I just became privy to! Our fearless leader, Nony Tochterman, has an extremely talented sister-in-law! Michina Koide is a make-up and nail artist to the stars, yall! I'm dying! I cyber-stalked her, and found tons of great pics of my faves!

Lady Gaga, Ri Ri (or Rianna, for those not in the know) , Cameron D, Liv Tyler, Amy Adams.... I mean, she's worked with the best of the best! Sadly I can't post as many pics as I'd like, but you can see the magic for yourself here!

Michina is not only an amazing make-up artist, she's creates thee most beautiful art pieces on fingernails! When GaGa or Alicia Keys need to get their nails did, you better know they call Michina!

I can't even handle how fierce those feather nails are!!! Nail Masterpieces, is what she's giving us! She specializes in the Minx Treatment, and creates some of the sickest designs evs! There's so many more designs on her site! Yall will have to excuse me, I'm so fanning out right now!!!

Check out her blog, it's in Japanese, but it's sooooo cute!
http://ameblo.jp/michinanikka/ Short and sweet, I'm running out to get my nails done! I just located a salon that does Minx! Later, skaters! http://www.minxnails.com/cylantscart/index.php?p=catalog&mode=catalog&parent=10&mid=0&search_in=all&search_str=&pg=10