Ke$ha rocking Michina Koide's Petro Zillia nails on the Today Show

Last week Uber cool pop star Ke$ha appeared on the Today show not only looking fabulous but rocking Petro Zillia's for Minx nails with a touch of Michina Koide's bling!
Ke$ha loved her minx nails so much she posted a picture...

Check out a few clips of Ke$ha's Today's show performance below
So cool right?
thought you'd wanna know ;)


Heidi Klum's "Look of the day"

 Heidi Klum recently featured one of our favorite Petro Zillia pieces on her blog. The black and white tunic top was choosen for the "Look of the day" segment featured in www.heidiklum.aol.com
How amazing is that?!

This fabulous top comes in different colors and styles to choose from, I personally wear them to death...

 You might wanna get one of your own at www.Shoppetrozillia.com