Surprise Visit!!!

Just when we thought our Monday couldn't get anymore amazing....beautiful weather..gorgeous fashion everywhere we looked...the Gods of Rad smiled down upon us!

Our back door opens,an in walks Paris Hilton!!! And her sweet little puppy, Mugsy,sportin his Gucci harness! She power shopped,as only she can,unphased by the paparazzi all clamoring to get a shot of her! Can't say I blame them,her outfit was beyond beyond! She couldn't have been sweeter,as she shopped the store.

On the way out, baby Mugsy needed to go potty before his ride home,but refused while the paparazzi where watchin' ! What a sweet lil bunny,your mama raised you right!

By far,one of our faves!! Thank you, Gods of Rad...and Thank you,Paris!!!


The Petro Zillia Girlies


  1. that's awesome :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. cewl
    so who made this blog (p.s. i LOVE the new changes)
    they did a REALLY good and creative job putting this all together
    it isnt easy!
    i would know, i have my own blog

    so anyways
    i love paris
    so glam
    shes a goddes
    and i love her new perfume
    (check out my blog!)

  3. I've to admit that I'm not a real Paris fan but her dog's such a cutie.

  4. Oh my god that's insane haha! Cute puppy :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  5. That's really fantastic!! Did she buy any great pieces? I'm sure she did! And her pug is so effing adorable. LOOK AT THAT FACE AND TONGUE! I have a lil soft spot for pugs they are so odd looking that they are freakin adorable. lol