Awesome A.M. with Hollywire!!!

Ok, we let this one marinate for a bit,due to the delectable juiciness of it! I mean, you don't rush thru a great meal, do you! No, you savor and enjoy it! Now that we're done licking our chops, and are quite pleased with ourselves, we're ready to share! The main course, our very own Nony was interviewed by Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs!

Chelsea and Sarah arrived at House of Petro Zillia, ready to get the skinny on what to expect for the upcoming Fall season, trends going forward, trends that are played out, the must haves, and shouldn't haves! No spoilers here, sit tight, the interview will be up soon! Trust, it's worth the wait, Nony would never steer you wrong!

After the fashionable beauties finished with their girl talk, it was time to get real REAL serious! You know what that means, ladies! It was time to try on some clothes. Or as we like to call em,wearable art! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING looks great on Chelsea! She's a designer's dream!

To get the scoop, real deal Holyfield style, check out the interview at www.hollywire.com. Should be up,an awesome,some time next week! We'll keep you posted!

xx The Petro Zillia Girlies


  1. cool blog still, but your posts are becoming more like long wordy stories and less like an easy to read fashion blog with a lot of photos. Try to write less large paragraphs, because i really like this blog. Thanks girlies!

  2. haw haw just realized how formal i sound
    so nawt me!! :)
    haw haw