We Love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Ok, I don't know about you, but we can't get enough of "The Real Housewives". We've watched the O.C. wives, Atlanta, New York, and New Jersey...now it's time for the wives of 90210 to strut their stuff! With loveliness like Kyle Richards, Kim Richards,Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump,Camille Grammar, and Adrienne Malouf...this will definitely be the season to watch!!!

We can't wait to glimpse the glamorous lifestyles of these beauties, not very far from our front door! We are fortunate enough to be able to call Kyle, not only a client, but one of our faves! And let me tell you ,she's as sweet as she is beautiful! A real class act!

As you watch, this season, keep a look out for cutee pieces, from our very own store! Kyle makes our job almost too easy, EVERYTHING looks great on her!

The show airs tonight, on Bravo at 10pm! That means, we will be glued to our televisions, with cell phones turned OFF! If you need us, you're gonna have to wait that hour, while we get our fix of fun, glamour, and please oh please, let there be tons of shopping!

We love you guys, and we wish you the most amazing season ever!

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