We Love You, Smoke and Mirrors !!!

Oct. 1st,2010, will always be a special day in my fashionista heart. It's the day,designers Emily Harteau and Michelle Chaplin blew our minds! Just when we thought Smoke and Mirrors couldn't possibly get any cuter, well ...they showed us another thing or two!

Combining amazing bodies, great fabrics, and ridiculously cute prints! These harem pants are ev-er-y-thing! Definitely a must have, for this fall!

This is so yummy cozy,it's redic! AND, it's sexy! All the necessary ingredients, for the perfect outfit. And all the pieces will look great, when it gets colder, with tights an cute booties! Throw on your favorite cardigan or leather jacket to really complete the look. Va-voom!!!

Smoke and Mirrors, definitely remember fashion is also suppose to be FUN! So many cute options,not enough places to go...gonna start crashing parties,just to debut these great pieces! What are you doin, this weekend? hahaha but,seriously :)

With all that said,kiddies...come get your cuteness!

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