Friends Forever!

Kismet-n. fate; destiny. That's the only way to describe the relationship between long-time friends Nony (our fearless leader) and Yana Syrkin! I mean, when you meet someone who has pink hair(just like you), drives the same make,model, an color car as you, AND has the same birthday...well, that is the universe telling you something! An if I may give you a piece of advise, when the universe speaks, it's for a reason! LISTEN! They listened, and have enjoyed a friendship, spanning over 10yrs!

They also have in common, great boutiques,and a love of design, that is both colorful, fun,and full of personality! Yana's boutique, Fifi and Romeo, carries the absolute cutest designs for your 4-legged little one! Argyle sweaters for your preppy puppy, headbands for your princess,an pom pom hoodies that are perfect for a spring walk! I even saw a couple sweaters ,with anchors on them, that would be perfect for my 2 lil pirate pooches! Check out her facebook, for the store, an prepare to melt over the designs an ridiculously cute doggy models! http://www.facebook.com/fifiandromeo

Destiny- a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power.

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  1. Awee!!! So nice to have such a wonderful friend!!! <3 <3 <3 -yana