For The Love of the LBD!

Right now, all us girls have one thing on our minds. "What the heck am I wearing for New Year's Eve???" I've been hearing and agreeing, the little black dress is a necessary weapon, in your fashion arsenal. With just the right dress, you can literally render someone SPEECHLESS! (In that good way! lol) So, I got to wonderin, when did the idea of the " little black dress" begin, cause it's kinda genius! I started googlin', an low and behold, the concept of the perfect little black dress started with Coco Chanel! Why am I not surprised! ha! In 1926, she gave us a pic of a short,simple black dress, inside American Vogue..an we've never been the same!

" A sort of uniform for all women of taste" - Vogue Magazine

In the 1950's, Dior made it the symbol of a women to be reckoned with! The femme fatales, of Hollywood's Golden Era, were often portrayed in black halter style dresses. If you're a classic movie nerd, like myself, you know these women were definitely not the weaker sex! Any man in the vicinity, turned to putty in their hands! Frankly, not a power I would find bothersome.

The 60's, introduced the "LBD" in new clean and simpler lines. Think Givenchy's design on Audrey Hepburn, in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" If you haven't seen that movie ,it's a definite fashion must see! So is, Sabrina...and funny face! ..but, I'm getting off topic :)

Here is where my personal style resides, the 90's LBD look. Fitted, short dress, button down or granpa sweater over, with beat up,worn boots! Aaaahhh! This is my uniform! I know, it's from the 90's, but that's the beauty of the perfect little black dress! It's never OUT of fashion! You personalize it, an make it your own with various accessories! It can take you virtually any and everywhere! Trust me, I trade the combat boots for heels, when I'm out with mom! lol

This sweet number above, is Petro Zillia's contribution to the history of the little black dress. I know what you're thinking, "How many places can I wear this to? It's kinda fancy". Well, I would throw this on, with a beanie,cardigan an boots, for a day out with my girlfriends! A blk beret,glasses,an flat boots with tights, for a study date at the library...with a blazer or wrap,and open-toe ankle booties for an event (I know,I have a boot problem :/ that's a whole 'nother blog! lol)

Remember, you're a Petro Zillian! You're fearless, and you define your personal style! Not the other way around. Definitely know, when we present you with an outfit, it's only a suggestion...or a kind of starter kit. Nothing would make us prouder, than to see you pair things with a pair of bright shoes, for no other reason, than it's your fave color! ...Wear fancy dangly earrings to the grocery store, cause where ever you are, is thee place to be!

" When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it's place" - Duchess of Windsor,Wallis Warfield Simpson.

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  1. I love this lost so have linked it. (hope that is ok ) I have just done a set on Audrey Hepburn so just love your blog wish I had thought of it !