Once Upon a Little Silk Worm...

You guys know me by now,I'm a ponderer... this time, it was about the origin of silk. I mean, I knew it came from silk worms.. but how did it become something that I'm wearing on my body, at this very moment! I practically live in our oversized silk tops, and I'm currently surrounded by the dreamiest new silk collection, from Karen Zambos! How did it come to be this amazing material, from the worm, to this spectacular piece on my body?!!! So, I googled! And I found the story behind it's discovery, was a magical as it feels against the skin!

Around 2600 BC, this enchanting discovery began with Lady Ling-Hsi-Shih, and an innocent cup of tea. The wife of The Yellow Emperor, was having her afternoon tea, when a sweet little silk worm fell into her cup! The warmth from the tea began to unravel the silk until it flowed across her garden, and it presented a tiny cocoon!!! I'm J! There was a bug in my salad at The Cheesecake factory,once. Nothing awesome happened. Well,they comped dessert,but it led to no discoveries. I already knew I liked chocolate!

Another version tells, she discovered silkworms eating the mulberry leaves in her garden, and spinning cocoons. She picked some of the cocoons, and while having her tea, one of the cocoons fell into the hot water. The fine silk thread began to unravel from the cocoon,an the 14yr old royal discovered she could wrap it around her finger! Again,these things never happen to me...prob,cause I woulda screamed like girl, dropped the cup, killing the worm, an we'd all be wearing polyester. :/

She convinced The Emperor to give her a grove of mulberry trees, and she began to domesticate her little worm babies! (another versions tells, that it was the Emperor's idea for her to study them, but I prefer this one! Us girls gotta stick together!) She then taught her entourage "the art of raising silkworms" . I used quotations, to emphasize the amazingness of that, cause I couldn't raise a fern! I'm impressed! She was also said to have invented the loom! Umm..she was a child of 14..15.. I'm starting to feel like my mom should have pushed me more, as a child!

In it beginnings, silk was only accessible to Chinese Royalty, and their court. For well over 200 years, the Chinese kept the secret of silk to themselves. It was the most vigantly kept secret in history! It isn't known to have been used widespread until almost 400 YEARS, after the young royal sat down for a cup of tea! Also another possibility why these things never happen to me...I gotta big mouth! : )


  1. if the cocoon would have fall to your tea, you wouldnt have to kill the warm since it was already dead.
    this is the true story of this industry, they kill the cocoons in hot water to make the silk.
    Hundreds of little cute silkwarms/silkmoth died for your lovely dress or oversized top.
    dont you think it is absurd?

  2. Silk is one of my favorites....really cool history::)

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