House of Petro Zillia: The Next Chapter!

Last July, I started working for not only one of the most amazingly talented people I've ever met, but one of the best human beings I have ever come across. We refer to Nony as our fearless leader, not only because her designs know no boundaries, but because she pushes US beyond what we thought were our own personal limitations. She encourages me to write, and our interns to dream big! She inspires the world to step out of it's blk and gray protective shell,and drape ourselves in a menagerie of bright colors,and to push the limits as to the weight in jewelry one should wear! lol " If you're not jingling, you're not wearin enough!"

Nony's studio is located right next door to the store, so I've had the benefit of seeing the process of all these amazing Petro Zillia originals come to life! She even let me help her with one, but it's not my gift. The pressure of working with silk...well, if a silk top were $1000, you're getting a deal! Cutting silk is no joke! I think I got 3 gray hairs that afternoon. lol Never again!

I've seen her, with a few buttons, a couple tassles, an a couple feet of thread, make the raddest dress! Ok,I'm exaggerating a smidge..but,she really is the Mcgyver of the fashion world, as far as I'm concerned! She'll find inspiration in a trim, button, or a swatch of fabric, an next thing I know, there's a new collection in the store by the end of the day! She's all around inspiring! I've learned, if you have a idea, run with it! The only failure, is NOT trying!

So, you may or may not know, we're closing our doors at the end of this month. BUT never fear, our website will still be goin strong an kickin fashion ass! When you need that something special, that's exceptionally RAD, you can find it at www.shoppetrozillia.com ! The rainbow medley of skills this woman has is redic! Clothes!Jewelry!Handbags! Not to mention, she makes a mean vanilla latte! So,this isn't goodbye, Petro Zillia will be front and center more than ever!!! Right now, we're so proud of the Petro Zillia collaboration with Forever 21! It's the talk of the town!People are excited to shop it,an you can pay no designer a greater compliment! With that said,if ever you look up into the sky and see a random rainbow, just know that means our fearless leader is at it again! Hurry up, an get to a computer! Click on "NEW" on our site, an prepare to have your mind blown!

These are just a few pics of her latest and my fave Petro originals! I can't wait to see what's comin up next! Stay tuned for more radness and good times!!! xx


  1. I am so so in love with that first blouse! It is so amazing!



  2. oh wow! I love the pink floral blouse and magenta romper! Gorgeous pieces :)

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door