Onch Movement's Eat It All Launch Party! A Buffet of Cuteness!

We just had the events of all events, as far as I'm concerned, it embodied everything I'm obsessed with! Funness! Raddness! And CANDY!!! On Thur, Jan. 27th, Onch Movement mooooved us with his amazing accessories collection! It was the party of parties, hosted by one of our favesies, her hotness Allison Melnick! If you've ever had an amazing night out, at a club in hollywood,chances are it was her party!!!

Let me tell you a bit about Onch...he's about the most precious star angel, you'll ever meet! He lives in a world of vibant colors, easy breezy attitude, an cuteness! Think, a real life Hello Kitty character. Well, Onchie brought us into his world for just one night, an now I know why he's always smiling! Mini gumball machines and candy apples were strewn from the ceiling, and the tree in our yard! We had displays with live lady bugs and butterflies( we gently released them after the party, so don't get all excited lol ), colorful floral arrangements throughout, and a CANDY BARRRR!!!! Snickers, Almond Joy, Lemon Heads, Red Vines..you know, the good stuff! Twinkies, Ho hos, an Zingers! If it was sugary sweet, and edible, we had it! And unfortunately, I ate it. (insert green face) We've talked about this, I have no self control when it comes to yummy foods...

You would think, that would be enough of a snack selection for this chipmunk, but noooo... I also spent a significant amount of time drooling over Onch's "Eat it All" Collection. I fantasized about eating the multi-colored, chocolate covered pretzels! Mmmmm..I could almost smell the flavors of the lollipop charm necklaces. The pizza necklaces, well...were pizza! I don't need a reason to wanna eat pizza! Soft serve ice cream rings, with and without cherries...I could write a whole nother blog on the fond memories soft serve ice cream bring up!

Soooo the mini cakes by Lil Rae Cakes , were most definitely a problem. They were delightful little balls of happiness! I think I ate a whole cake worth (sorry,Lil Rae lol ) Who can resist an adorably dressed cutie, an pastel colored baked goodies? Not, this girl! Though my hips sometimes wish I would! Unfortunately for them ,I'm runnin this ship, so bring it!!!

We were also lucky enough to have some of our really great friends show up an support! The ever so sweet Nicky Hilton, was on deck, showing love to her friends Onch an Nony! I also spied with my big brown eyes, rocker wives, Josie Stevens and Susan Holmes! And the one I'm really geeked about, Charlene Tilton of Dallas fame!!! Who Shot J.R.??? March 21, 1980, that was the burning question around the world!!! Yes, I know I'm dating myself! Lol

An just when the night couldn't get anymore precious, Onch gave us a live performance!!!! All of a sudden you heard a crowd yell " FLASH MOB!!!", an cutee girls dressed like food fairies, began shakin what their mama gave em, alongside T.J. Fantini an Onch! GE-DOR-A-BLE!!! The night busted at the seams with good times, an a great time was had by all! This will definitely be one that is talked about for a looong time!

I must give credit for these awesome party shots to Matt Fisher( http://www.etherbinge.org/ ) , an Jessi Jae Joplin ( http://bit.ly/gaB3nV ) , thanks for the hook-up!

Everybody, you gotta check this out!! Michael Mouris, you are a video genius!!! Loves it!!!



  1. Hi Nony,
    I wanted to congratulate you on your collaboration with Forever 21. I just did a blog post on it on blogs.fashionclub.com.
    I used to be the Assistant Editor at Teen Magazine and have met you several times. I'm a big fan. I don't know if you remember our cover shoot with Miley Cyrus and your famous bike.

    Anyway, take care! You continually inspire me.

  2. where are the outside photos taken from the launch party at the Americana on Brand? I would love to see them as well as tweet the pic i took in order to spread the word about your line!(:
    Please let me know, thank you.


  3. SO much fun!!!! I wish i was there =) Please feel free to visit www.fashiongentrix.com

  4. omg! this is amazing!!
    i love it!
    i want talk about this on my blog!

    i follow i like this!